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Membership And Reward Regulations

Member Exclusive Gifts

1. Membership upgrade eligibility and validity (12 months) take effect from the day after and remain valid until the same day of the following year.

2. Silver Shine and above members (including Silver Shine): Enjoy a physical store 5% discount. If combined with birthday gift cash, the discount will be applied first, followed by the use of gift cash.
3. After canceling an order or completing the refund process, the used gift cash will be returned.
4. During the member's birthday month, birthday gift cash will be sent via text message: Regular members receive NT$100, Silver Shine members receive NT$250, Gold Glitter members receive NT$500, and Diamond members receive NT$700. Valid for 1 month.
5. Gift cash cannot be transferred to any third party, combined between different member accounts, converted to cash, refunded, or exchanged for other gifts.
6. Ang Jewelleryreserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate these gift cash rules at any time. Any changes will be announced on the website without separate notice.
7. If an order is returned due to exceeding the pickup time due to personal reasons, the used gift cash will not be reinstated.
8. The usage period of gift cash varies based on acquisition channels and reasons; you can check the quantity and expiration date of gift cash in the member center.
9. Some discounted items, loose stones, and peripheral products may not be eligible for gift cash use. Please confirm the applicable gift cash amount in the shopping cart.

Membership Levels

Regular Member

Silver Shine Member

Gold Glitter Member

Diamond Member

Upgrade Criteria

Make any purchases within 12 months

Spend over NT$6,000 within 12 months

Spend over NT$15,000 within 12 months

Spend over NT$30,000 within 12 months

Discount Offers


5% off silver jewelry series

10% off silver jewelry series

Birthday Gift Cash





Quarterly Brand Events


Invitations to brand events

Free Invitations to brand events once

Free Invitations to brand events twice

Free Shipping



Free Shipping

(Taiwan only)

Free Shipping

(Taiwan only)

Membership Validity

12 months

12 months

12 months

12 months



Using Birthday Gift Cash
1.Ang Jewellerywill send birthday credits to you via SMS and email on the first day of your birth month. Please keep your SMS/email and present them to Ang Jewellery for verification when using them.
2.Birthday credits can be redeemed within one month of the birth month.
3.Current promotional offers on the official website cannot be used in conjunction with birthday shopping credits.
4.If you are a Silver/Gold/Diamond member and wish to use the shopping credits during your birth month, a 5% discount/10% discount will be applied to the total amount of silver jewelry before using the shopping credits to offset the remaining payment amount.
5.Shopping credits will expire if overdue and will not be reissued.
6.If you wish to place an order and use birthday credits on the official website, please message Ang Jewellery to confirm the total amount after deduction.
7.If you wish to transfer your member birthday credits to other friends or family members, please contact Ang Jewellery in advance and provide the names and phone numbers of your friends or family members. We will assist you with the transfer and deduction.
8.「Ang Jewellery reserves the right to make final modifications, terminate, or change course details.

Returning and Refunding with Used Gift Cash
If an order is canceled before shipping, the gift cash will be automatically reinstated into the member's account.
After completing the return process, personnel will reinstate the gift cash into the member's account upon confirming receipt of the returned items.