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We are proud to showcase a fabulous, ever-changing range of contemporary jewellery from 4 jewellers based in the UK. They have more than 10 years practice in jewellery making, with unique spec of art and specialities in silversmithing craftsmanship. 


Please contact us to check if your favourite designer jewellery is currently in stock in ANG Jewellery.


Ruth Leslie has been designing and making playful, sculptural jewellery since 2015.


Leslie's eponymous jewellery collection is made by hand using recycled silver and gold and is inspired by both the subtle details within fabrics as well as the intricate constructions within textile machinery.


Leslie's collection comprises of clean, elegant structures that stand on their own as well as showcasing her signature twisted-wire details. Ruth finely twists wire using an old-fashioned hand drill which is then cut and wrapped around frames to create tactile, refined forms – like dangling architecture. These are bold yet classic designs that transcend seasons and trends.


Each piece is handmade by Leslie in her Edinburgh studio and currently made-to-order.


instagram: @ruth_lessly

more info:  About Ruth Leslie.

Ruth Leslie

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Evgeniia Balashova is a contemporary jewellery designer and maker based in Glasgow.


Eve creates her unique pieces using a combination of 3d printing and metalworking skills, bringing tradition and innovation together in unique, captivating compositions.


Eve works with 3d printed nylon, a light and strong material, which allows her to create large scale architectural statement works. Her work is tactile, bold and colourful and designed with ease of wear in mind as all pieces are light and durable. Her vast inspiration ranges from repetitive geometry to natural motifs which she translates into digital language to create futuristic jewellery.


Each one of her pieces is a celebration of colour, texture and movement, with each piece carefully dyed by hand to create smooth, seamless colour transitions.


Eve extensive palette is created by mixing various shades of dye together to create unique and sophisticated combinations. These subtle hues are complemented by handcrafted precious elements, which she creates using traditional metalworking skills – piercing, scoring and folding, soldering.



instagram: @eve_balashova

More info: About Evgeniia Balashova

Eve Balashova

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Katie Waston starts with a walk through woodlands, along the coast and across mountains.Mainly around her hometown of North Berwick and The Isle of Arran in Scotland.


On these adventures she draws and studies anything that captures her attention in detail, and create a design enriched by her imagination.


Using silver as a canvas, Katie translate her drawings onto the metals surface using chasing and repoussé and from this she produces wonderlands of nature in unique pieces of jewellery and silverware.


Katie’s work aims to transport you on a journey outdoors, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildlife. She likes to bring scenes to life by conveying a sense of movement within a piece, from the interweaving flow of water ripples, wild grasses swaying in the wind and birds soaring high.



instagram: @katiewastondesigns

more info: About Katie Waston

Katie Waston

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Ruth Brown’s  contrasting works carefully tread the line between maximalist and minimalist.


Her large- scale pieces capture the chaos of interconnecting planes, exploring the intangible and fleeting images which are reflected in the surface of a city. Her ready- to- wear collection also takes inspiration from the urban environment, but in a more delicate, fragile sense. It is evocative of the movement of light across a city’s architecture.


Ruth has been making such pieces since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art’s Silversmithing and Jewellery department in 2016. Each piece is handmade in precious metals and resin, and Ruth now works from her studio in West Sussex, where she continually experiments with new processes, techniques and materials in order to advance her practice, with sustainability at the forefront. Her new work now fully makes use of eco- resin and recycled silver and gold.


instagram: @ruthbrownjewellery

More info: About Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

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